Rabu, 10 April 2013

XL always give best effort in fulfilling commitement to customer, shareholders and employees through three core values as reflected in “its XL” motto among others integrity, teamwork and service excellence.


Trustworthiness and adherence to professional and business ethics. All XL leaders and employees shall be:
  • Honest in word and action.
  • Consistent in thought, word and behavior.
  • Fair in their treatment of others.
  • Dedicated to the Company.
  • Trustworthy in carrying out promises and tasks.


Being supportive of each other and proactively contributing to achieve common goals. Not all tasks can be accomplished individually. Teamwork makes it possible for us to attain higher goals. Effective teamwork is achieved when XL employees are:
  • Positive thinkers and Open-minded towards others.
  • Respectful of one another’s differences.
  • Caring towards others.
  • Communicating regularly to develop a common understanding.
  • Sharing knowledge and skills.
  • Focused on Common Goals.

Service excellence:

Passionate in delivering optimum solutions to meet customers’ expectations. The term, ‘customers’ refers not only to individual and corporate subscribers served by XL, but also fellow XL employees in other departments and business units.
To deliver Service Excellence, XL employees shall demonstrate the following Core Behaviors:
  • Customer-Focused in all decisions and actions.
  • Optimum Solution-Oriented.
  • Efficient and Effective in providing solutions.
  • Passionate in performing the work.
  • Quality-Oriented in products and services provided.
  • Proactive.
  • Innovative and Creative in developing solutions.